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Our Team

    Nikki Boyes
    Funeral Director & Authorised Celebrant
    Nikki joined the Mid West Funerals team in 2014 after being inspired by the support Faye Blanchard (Nikki’s grandmother) provided grieving families... (read more)
  • Paige Guille-Harvey is a Funeral Assistant at Mid West Funerals in Geraldton
    Paige Guille-Harvey
    Funeral Director/Assistant
    Paige joined our team in July 2019 after working in aged care homes. As started as a Funeral Assistant, and is now assisting in funeral directing. Paige helps to organise the important details of preparing a funeral service. Paige can be seen attending funerals; providing Nikki & the team with equipment assistance, audio.... (read more)
    Renae Shaw
    Branch Clerk
    Renae joined the Mid West Funerals team in May 2020 you will find her friendly face or voice as the first point of contact. Renae plays a massive role in ensuring all funeral paperwork is correct and done on time every time. 


Thoughtful Funerals

As your Funeral Directors, Nikki and the team at Mid West Funerals are dedicated to helping you create a thoughtful funeral. We give you, family and friends meaning through reflection and acknowledgement. We’ll help you through this challenging time by discussing options, ideas and we’ll support you through decisions.

If you’ve lost a loved one or thinking about pre-planning your own funeral, it’s quite normal to wonder what happens next.

Read our below explainers for answers to questions that might be on your mind.

Each funeral should be unique. The wishes of a loved one or the family are fundamental to how we organise each service.

Whilst many pre-plan their own funeral, it’s also common for preferences to be known by immediate family. Close family may also have ideas or input about how the service should be conducted, especially when preferences aren’t known.

If you’re thinking about pre-planning your funeral; or faced with giving us instructions, we’ll help you create a meaningful event that captures the essence of a special life lived.

Service officiant

Are you or your loved one of faith or secular? This question is an important start when considering who will lead the service. Aligning the service officiant with beliefs and preferences is an obvious and easy way to add meaning.

Read our funeral service officiant explainer for more information on the differences between your options.

Coffin type

As well as our range of beautiful wood and wood-look coffins, we offer affordable personalised designs including complete image-wrapped and themed designs.

These unique creations can be a visually wonderful tribute to a special life lived and are without bounds in terms of images and creativity. Whilst these coffins are a spectacular way to create memories, they are quite affordable.

Discover more about our coffin range.


Eulogies remind attending family and friends of their loved one’s unique and special journey and can trigger many memories.

If you’re preparing a eulogy, you’re probably wondering what it can or should include. Whilst there are no rules, we’ve put together a eulogy guide to help with your speech.

Learn more about preparing a eulogy.


Funeral services certainly aren’t restricted to a church or cemetery. The choice of location can add another element of meaning by holding familiarity, emotional warmth or other significance.

When planning your funeral, consider locations that bring meaning to those gathering. The possibilities are almost unlimited, however we’ve captured a handful of funeral location ideas to help you get started.


Is it hard to find the words that express your feelings? The opportunity for a heart-felt farewell message can bring family and friends together in common sincerity – but we aren’t all poets. The right poem can be a beautiful way to say what’s on your mind and in your heart. These words can resonate with friends and family through their own interpretation and reflection.

We have hand-picked a large catalogue of poems and will help you find something that says what you mean.

Bespoke Memorial Books

There is something emotionally evoking and rich about flipping through memories captured in photos.

Our skilled team craft gorgeous memorial books; combining your favourite images of your loved one, poetry, service readings, attendee signatures (and messages) and the order of service.

These customisable books are offered to our client families and make stunning tributes everyone in the family will want.

Speak to us about Memorial Books for your family.


Objects we hold dearly become a part of us. Some things we love become a piece of our own ‘brand’ and our friends and family can come to instantly think of us when they experience something we’re connected with.

Whether it’s the hat we never take off, our prized fishing rod or that vice that’s (for better or worse) become a part of our identity – objects can be powerful symbols to the people we love.

Having physical tributes at a funeral service can be deeply moving to those that know us best.

As your Funeral Director, Nikki and our team will help you organise placement of tributes and create a beautiful air of remembrance for all gathered.

The choice of burial or cremation is one of the most personal. If you’ve lost a love one, you might already know their preference – they might have told you or written it in their Will. When you’re aware of their wishes, all you need to do is tell us. We take care of the rest.

If you’re uncertain or thinking about your own funeral, we’ll help by showing you the differences.

Sprinkling petals onto coffin in grave - tiny


Burials can involve a committal to the ground and provide family and friends a final opportunity for farewell and reflection.

As burials have a physical site, they can be marked with a headstone, visited and tributes laid.

Typically more expensive than a cremation (depending on your shire).

Grant of Burial lasts for 25 years in Western Australia. After this term, a renewal is possible for a further 25 years at an additional cost (charged by the relevant cemetery).

A medium and 'keepsake' urn in beautiful glazed brass finish.


Ashes of your loved one can be relocated, shared, kept or scattered.

Scattering of ashes can provide an intimate family farewell at a time and place of your choosing.

Beautiful urns in a variety of styles, colours and materials are available.

A Bio Urn option is available with your choice of selected plant seeds.

Speak to Nikki and the team at Mid West Funerals for more information on your preferred type of committal.

Funeral services are an important time for reflection and the celebration of a special life lived. Because funeral services can include eulogies, poems; memories shared by family members; passages and more, having a service leader helps to bring it all together.

A funeral service is typically lead by a service officiant. This role can be fulfilled by anyone including a Celebrant, Minister, friend or family member. At Mid West Funerals around 70% of families choose a celebrant.

Nikki and Faye at Mid West Funerals are Authorised Celebrants and will be honoured to lead your service. Whether Celebrant, Minister, family member or friend; we’ll organise everyone involved.

Speak to Nikki and the team to discuss service officiant options.


Celebrants are authorised professionals; trained to meet the wishes and needs of the deceased and their family.  Personalisation should be core to a celebrant, and they will normally meet with the family to discuss service preferences. Celebrants are required by law to attend annual training to maintain their registration.

Nikki and Paige are authorised funeral celebrants at Mid West Funerals. Nikki is passionate about the important role of personalisation and reflection within the process of grief.

Funeral services can be lead by Ministers or other religious representatives
Mid West Funerals will liaise with Ministers of your preference.


Ministers are religious representatives and are usually chosen to lead services where the deceased person or family are of faith. Services lead by Ministers vary depending on religion and personal differences; however most will refer to religious readings, prayer or ritual throughout.

Mid West Funerals are available to organise a Minister for your specific funeral arrangements.

Speak Nikki and the Mid West Funerals team to find out which Ministers are available in your area.

Friend or family member

A service lead by a friend or family member can be personal and relaxed. Whilst people choosing to do this usually have public speaking experience, it certainly isn’t essential. Leading a service as a family member or friend can be both rewarding and challenging, however Nikki will provide support, tips and ideas for anyone thinking about delivering a service themselves.

Get in touch with Nikki and the Mid West Funeral team if you’re considering leading a service.

Place holds meaning

Did you know a funeral doesn’t have to be at a cemetery or church? Whilst these places are common, we can organise your service in a variety of settings including:

Our Geraldton Funeral Home (no charge)

Favourite sports club



A favourite public space


For those having a service in Geraldton, the Geraldton Crematorium also has excellent facilities, including the Max Correy Condolence Lounge.

Contact Nikki and the Mid West Funerals team to discuss your location wishes.

When you’re dealing with great loss and involved in arranging a funeral, you’ll appreciate up-front information, best pricing and zero-pressure. You’ll be able to choose from our stocked variety of affordable wooden, laminated and wicker coffins or we’ll order you something more unique and personal. You’ll always get our best prices up-front and, whilst we’ll show you the options, each decision is personal and yours to make without persuasion.

Personal Image-Wrap

Image-Wrap coffins present you and your family with a way to visually capture the spirit of lost loved ones. Provide us with your treasured photos to create a stunning farewell all will remember.

Themed designs

Was your loved one a sports team fanatic or lover of a particular brand? Our themed coffins let you give them a send-off deserving of their passion.  

Eco-friendly choices

Sustainably-sourced plantation pine with rope handles.



This stunning coffin captured Tim’s spirit through images. He drove trucks, loved the outdoors and riding his Harley.

Talk to Faye and Nikki about design for your loved one.


Choose a theme that reflects the passion. Hundreds of themes to choose from.

Be sustainable

This solid coffin is constructed from sustainably sourced plantation pine and uses rope handles in place of plastic or metal.

Though we’re based in Geraldton and Dongara, we regularly conduct funerals around WA, including:

Stock Unsplash - Beach Shore - Small thumbnail

Mid West

Mount Magnet
Three Springs
Stock Unsplash - Man Riding Tractor - Small thumbnail


Jurien Bay
Mid West Funerals are available throughout the Gascoyne.


Shark Bay
& more
Nikki, a Funeral Director at Mid West Funerals in the stunning outback of Yalgoo after a beautiful funeral in Mount Magnet.
Nikki, a Funeral Director at Mid West Funerals in the stunning outback of Yalgoo after a beautiful funeral in Mount Magnet.
Relieve the task of arrangements at a time of high stress

Have your wishes and preferences met

Alleviated costs from your family

Pay as it suits with our custom payment plans

And because pre-paid funerals are at today’s pre-paid prices, we guarantee you a fixed funeral service cost that won’t increase due to inflation or other price increases.

Call Nikki and the Mid West Funerals team on (08) 9965 2100 for more information, or to arrange a confidential, obligation-free appointment.

Beautiful headstones and monuments are a dedication to timeless memory. A stone memorial provides a permanent site of peace for visiting and reflection. The uniqueness of each monument is an important reflection of a unique and special life.

Contact Mid West Monuments; they can order and install custom designed headstones and memorials according to your wishes. Because each is unique, there are some questions we will discuss with you when organising your special monument, including:

Headstone script

  • Typically, has at least surname, date of birth and death
  • Prominent surname?
  • Marriage details?
  • Special messages?

Monument style

  • Choose from a wide range of stone colours and patterns
  • Select from pre-designed stone pieces, or,
  • Custom shape?

Monument size

  • Sizing restrictions may vary depending on the cemetery and plot allowance
White marble headstone by Mid West Funerals
This beautiful white marble headstone was installed for the Criddle family in Dongara in 2019

Grief is an experience that’s completely unique to each person and each situation. As we grieve on the inside we also outwardly project ‘mourning’, which are behaviours that change whilst we deal with loss.

According the Dr Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., receiving ongoing support from others (or giving it) is a critical piece in the journey of grief.

As a supporter, or someone seeking support, it’s important to recognise that some things we say (intentional or not) can cut grief short and be counter-productive to the process of grieving. As a friend or family member, avoid encouraging a grieving person to “chin-up”, to “keep busy” or “move on”. Statements like these are common and are made very innocently, however can have the effect of denying grief and stalling an important emotional process.

Dr Wolfelt suggests that to be most helpful “…see mourning not as an enemy to be vanquished but as a necessity to be experienced as a result of having loved.” Read more advice from Alan about grief and mourning.

Extra grief support is just a phone call away

If someone you know is struggling with grief, there is extra support available. Trained professionals are available to give advice and guidance during this difficult time at:

Australian Centre of Grief and Bereavement


1800 642 066

Beyond Blue


1300 224 636



13 11 14

Kids Helpline


1800 551 800

Mensline Australia

Mensline Australia Website

1300 789 978

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby

Information, tips and contacts to support children dealing with grief.

How Children deal with grief and loss

Suicide Prevention Australia



Suicide Call Back Service

1300 659 467

As your Funeral Directors, Nikki and the Mid West Funerals team can provide additional contacts and guidance wherever needed. Speak to us with any questions.

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