The late Douglas McAlister Drain
DRAIN Douglas McAlister
April 26, 2023
The late Doreen Joan Walker
WALKER Doreen Joan
May 4, 2023

VAN LIEROP, Wilhelmus Johannes Lambertus

The Late Wilhelmus Johannes Lambertus Van Lierop

The Late Wilhelmus Johannes Lambertus Van Lierop

Funeral Notice

Family and friends of the late Wilhelmus Johannes Lambertus Van Lierop of Geraldton are respectfully informed that a service to pay tribute to Bill’s life will take place at the Geraldton Crematorium on Tuesday 16th May 2023 at 2:00pm.

Service Details

Where: Geraldton Crematorium
Date: Tuesday 16th May 2023
Time – Service: 2:00pm

Service Location

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  1. Kathy, Callum and Ruby Reid says:

    My dear Elsie and Bill.

    Your love is something I truly admire, you both put each other and your families first. I loved the time I was able to spend with you in my home. I am truly honoured to call you friends.

    Bill you are now at peace. We will forever look after your beautiful wife until you meet again.

    • Elsie says:

      Thanks for your lovely words, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at your house before we went to the UK. 😇♥️😊😘

  2. Ivy & Bob Gleed says:

    Dear Elsie,
    Bill will always be with you even if you can’t see him, he loved you so very much as you do him.
    Bill, you can now be free from pain, & Rest In Peace.
    Love from, Ivy & Bob 🤗❤️🤗❤️

  3. Carly says:

    Aunty Elsie, I’m sorry for your loss in Uncle Bills passing.
    The life you made together gifting you treasured memories
    Forever in my heart.
    Lots of Love and warm thoughts always Carly

  4. Paul and Zoe says:

    No words can express the sorrow you must be feeling for your loss
    A kind and beautiful soul who will be missed forever and always in our hearts
    Our condolences to you Elsie,Carly,Craig and families
    RIP Bill ❤️
    Paul and Zoe

  5. Troy Oakes says:

    Our deepest condolences to you Elsie and family from Troy and Sylvia

    Farewell well Bill, gone but not forgotten!!

    A great friendship both in and out of ARMY, We court up a few times over the years, Bill was a great mate!

    Even though there was sometimes years between catch ups, once you got together with him it was like you had only seen him last week.

    Although it is a sad occasion today I would like share two stories about Bill from our long friendship!!

    Bill always had this quirky Smile and it was always hard to know if he was happy, or he was scheming something / had just set you up for something in return for something you done to him.

    Two things that stick out of the number of stories I could tell you about Bill are as follows:

    The first one was when we both in the ARMY, we were about do a fitness run test and Bill and I were having a quick smoke before the run. When a young Lieutenant had a go at me and Bill, with words to a effect of “I better see you two put in a good effort, I will be watching you both”. Well at about the 2km mark of the run, we past the young Lieutenant, bent over dry reaching, and at the same I hear Bill yell out “you two better put in a good effort, I will be watching you both” I laugh and nearly stumble as I could here young Lieutenant yelling at us in between his dry reaches.
    To say the rest of the day went well for us, would be a understatement!

    The second one was years later after I had returned to Adelaide and Bill came from Perth to work for a steel company in Adelaide, and was staying with me while looking for a place to rent.

    We have had a big night involving Alcohol and Show rides, on returning to my house early hours of the morning. I realized that I had lost my house keys, with no lights we manage to get the laundry window open and as Bill was smaller ands fitter than me. He jumped thought the window into the dark, after I assured him there was nothing on the floor. As he jumped and I heard the crash I remembered the plastic mop bucket full of water on the floor. Even with the large amount of alcohol we had consumed Bill did not fined it as funny as I did, and did not let me in until I stopped laughing. We then had another drink and laugh, before calling it a night.

    RIP Mate!!

  6. Opal Adamson says:

    Dear Elsie and family.

    It was such a beautiful blessing to have met you both, Bill was a strong, interesting man with a love for life and love for you also. I’m saddened by his passing and just know that I’m sending love and strength to you through this difficult time.

    Much love Opal and family

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