The Ritchie Family
January 14, 2014
BUNTER, Eleanor Annie
May 10, 2018

Aitken / Zalmstra Family

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that many mixed emotions can arise as you come to terms with your loss.

As you work through the grief it is sometimes helpful to look for deeper meaning in everyday life. Sometimes connecting the past life of your loved one with present happenings is of great comfort.

Recently my dearly loved Father passed away and although he was very old and ready for his ‘next adventure’ as he called it, it was still a shock when it happened.

My first thought was to provide dignity to him in death and then to acknowledge and celebrate the amazingly interesting and fulfilled life he had lead. Faye, Nikki, Terry and Scott from Mid West Funerals were there for me immediately. Their help and gentle guidance was invaluable in preparing a service that honoured a man of great character and spirit.

Dad had been a farmer for most of his life and many years had been spent farming a small property in Anderson St, Geraldton where Mid West Funerals and many other businesses are now sited. I have so many memories of him growing and developing crops, cultivating the soil, breeding animals and poultry on that land. It seemed very fitting that Dad should rest there awhile before the day we said our last farewell.

Now as I find ways to reconcile the empty space he leaves in my life I find comfort in knowing that the team at Mid West Funerals were gracious and caring not only to my dear Father but also to my family and friends who gathered to pay their respects on his passing. I will be forever grateful to Faye and her staff for helping ease the burden of loss. Our sincerest thank you to you all.

Yours faithfully

Jennifer Zalmstra